Management Study

To determine the company’s organizational structure.
To establish line authority among the employees, as well as the proper segregation of duties.
To evaluate the workers qualification standards.
To ascertain the employees’ compensation package.

The partners will be forming a general partnership, which will be composed of general partners that will equally share in the gains and losses of the partnership. This partnership will begin from the time the contract is executed and the Articles of Partnership are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
We have chosen the partnership as the form of ownership since it is easier to organize. It is created by a voluntary agreement between two or more people, and it does not entail costs such as incorporation fees, legal fees, and other expenses that other forms of ownership require. Also, no minimum capital contribution is required. This will be based upon the partners’ agreement. A partnership is also subject to less government regulations, since its existence would be based on the contract between the partners. This would also be an added convenience since partners usually have different skills and talents that could be useful in managing the business.

Every employee of an organization is assigned to a specific task. This will ensure the proper segregation of duties among workers to strengthen the company’s internal control. To envision the distribution of responsibilities among the employees, the organizational chart emphasizes line authority and accountability. The organization will be following this concept of line authority.

The company is looking for skilled and hardworking employees. The qualifications required include the following:
1. Partners
2. Drivers
Responsible for driving the ambulance whenever emergency calls are received. It’s their duties to take the patients to the hospital or medical center as soon as possible with hospital to hospital transfers if deemed necessary. They are as well in charge of the maintenance, check-up, and cleaning of the ambulance cars they are using. All costs related to repair and maintenance is naturally handled by the partnership.
· Must be a professional licensed driver
· At least 22 years old
· Capable of driving under the highest possible pressure
· Free from involvement in records of road accidents and misbehaviors
· Should be able to do repairs and maintenance on ambulance-type cars specifically vans.
· Must be knowledgeable with the roads, streets and routes in and around Baguio City
· Willing to work overtime/on call.
3. Medics/medical assistants
They are responsible for accompanying the ambulance at all times whenever an emergency call comes in. Their main duties are to perform initial treatments, first aides, and temporary medical services to patients before and while taking the patients to the nearest possible hospital or medical center.
· With at least 3 years experience.
· Must be hardworking and trustworthy.
· Must be willing to learn how to drive
· At least 26 years old
· Must be a registered nurse.
4. Drivers
5. Cashier
He is responsible for the custody of the funds of the business such as cash disbursements, cash receipts, and other cash items including checks and notes.
· Must be a graduate of BS Accountancy
· At least 22 years old
· Hardworking and trustworthy
· With at least 1 year experience of bookkeeping experience
· Computer literate/ knowledgeable in basic computer applications
6. Bookkeeper
Responsible for record keeping, assembling, classifying, and presenting financial information to the users.
· Must be a graduate of BS Accountancy
· At least 22 years old
· Hardworking and trustworthy
· With at least 1 year of beekeeping experience
· Computer literate/knowledgeable in basic computer applications

Age eligibility
A. The minimum age is 20 years old.
B. There will be no maximum age limit for as long as the applicant is still capable of doing the work required.

A. Employees in the field department must wear the company T-shirt which is printed with the business logo.
B. Employees in the administrative department must wear the attire as duly prescribed.
C. Cleanliness is a must especially for employees who are in direct contact with the patients seeking temporary medical treatments.

Employee Disciplinary Policies
A. Disciplinary actions are not intended to punish employees, but to impress upon them the importance of their work with respect to themselves, to the business and to others. This is to make the employees responsible for their actions on the job.
B. The rights to discipline, suspend, relieve, transfer, or terminate employees for proper causes shall depend upon the discretion of the management following the business rules and regulations. C. Proper investigation of any violation shall first be conducted before management makes a decision to practice justice and equity. The employee will thus be able to defend his side if he feels that he should not be given any punishment.
D. It is the duty of every employee to obey the company policies, rules and instructions. Willful disobedience of any employee shall be sufficient ground to support his/her dismissal. Dismissal of an employee is only served when the offense committed is grave in nature.
E. The employee concerned will receive a notice of dismissal 30 days before termination.