Andrea( In Memoriam)

Meeting you.
And being a friend with you
Made us believe in angels
For an angel is who you are
You never failed to greet us with a smile
Every time we met

Everybody loved you, adored you
And looked up to you
W will miss the times
When we would walk around Burnham Lake on afternoons
Talking about the movies, politics, the Iraq War, Osama, God, Love, Peace
….your dream of visiting Spain
…..your goal of working with the United Nations
……your plan of quitting Commerce and taking up Nursing
In short, talking about just anything that came into our young and restless minds

You always shared what you have
The beggars of Baguiowill surely miss you
They will miss the banana cues and fishballs
You always gave them
They will miss your sweet voice asking them how they were and how they have been

W will miss the times
When we climbed mountains and crossed rivers
When we walked down Session Road singing "Time is on Our Side".
When we climbed up Kalugong and looked down La Trinidad valley
When we walked from Baguioto Km. 6 and then back
When you slapped us in our faces when we cursed
When you gave us a copy of the movie "Ladder 49"
God, how we loved that movie

We will miss everything about you
You are the very definition of a perfect friend
You always said that life is like a cup of coffee. There will always come a time when the coffee will be gone and nothing would be left except the cup. But the cup will always remember the coffee.
Life is indeed a cup of coffee.
I will never forget you

We will always love you
You will always be in our very hearts